We Love Working with Decorators!

We enjoy the collaboration that comes with working with skilled decorators. We also offer special services to decorators!

I enjoy my relationships with designers and decorators. They have a greater vision of what is possible and are not afraid to use color. A great designer knows that they need a top team to bring their vision into reality.  Their team must be able to communicate well and help each other. I have called it knowing how to dance. Polite to the painters , out of the way of the plumbers, giving white gloves to the electricians, above all being considerate of the clients.



Wallpaper covers a wide gamut of products. We have the skills to successfully install fabrics, foils, flocks, grasses, untrimmed hand printed papers, silkscreens, embroidered papers, vinyl’s, murals, Lincrusta and self-stick murals. Through the WIA I am in contact with hangers from Dubai, Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada and of course America. We often confer about best practices for installing products as well as calling the actual producers of the papers in their studios if more information is needed. I will talk to you not your client about whether a product would work well in an environment. An example; a plaid in a crooked room. A vegetable dyed product in a bath. A paper with an extremely large waste. Of course final judgement is up to you and your client but I believe knowledge can avert disappointment.


Ship Your Paper to Me

Save space in your office. I mark the papers as they arrive so I know where they go and who they belong to. I also check for flaws and problems, that way install day goes smoothly as well as your schedule. I know that the draperies and furniture delivery is scheduled.  People have busy lives, I arrive on time, and work neatly and quietly. I send you pictures of the finished work.


Proper Measure

I prefer to actually see a space. I do diagrams of the spaces measuring with a laser that is accurate to the 1/8 of an inch. If your client changes their mind I can send you a correct roll count for each selection so you can accurately price the project. I also send an itemized estimate of labor costs.

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